‘For Our Soul-Uplifting Lights To Shine As Fires’ is finally coming our for Brigadisco Records. This is the cover, the artwork is a painting realized by our drummer, Leonardo Stefenelli.


‘For Our Soul-Uplifting Lights To Shine As Fires’ esce per Brigadisco Records. Questa è la copertina, il dipinto è stato realizzato dal nostro batterista, Leonardo Stefenelli.

SNEERS @ Mu.Vi.Ment.S. Festival 28th/29th of December 2013

SNEERS. @ ONLYFUCKINGLABELS Festival  December the 22nd


Hello folks,
the ‘For Our Soul-Uplifting Lights To Shine As Fires’ italian tour is starting this Friday.
The LP is going to be released in vinyls on the 16th of December for Brigadisco Records.


we are very happy to announce to all of you that the recordings and mastering of our album are this time really quite over (!), and everything is supposed to be released soon [16th December].
Let’s celebrate!
siamo felici di annunciarvi che le registrazioni e il master del nostro album sono a questo punto davvero quasi finite (!), e che il tutto uscirà prestissimo [16 Dicembre].

Sneers.' set at Loophole Berlin

März shows:
7 Dal Verme, Roma
29 Circolo Hemingway, Latina